This February in the celebration of Valentine’s day we want you to fall in love with your smile. We are committed to make your smile sparkle.

Whether you want to start with an initial dental evaluation to know what are your dental needs or if you are looking for cosmetic dentistry. At the best dental clinic in Tijuana, Advanced Smiles Dentistry, we have the multidisciplinary dental team and the top-notch dental technology that can help you transform your smile so you can fall in love again with you and maybe fall in love with some else in the process.

Periodontal maintenance: the simplest dental procedure that can start a big transformation. Remember that oral hygiene is he base of a good oral health.

Filling: cleaning a cavity to avoid an infection and restore the tooth structure.

Crown: cap to restore shape, color and strength of teeth.

Veneers: thin layer shell that covers the tooth surface for cosmetic purposes.

Implant: a screw surgical placed under the maxillary or mandibular bone where a tooth is missing.


You are the main reason to deserve a healthy smile but if in the process you fall in love with other than yourself, kudos my friend. The top dental team in Tijuana from Advanced Smiles Dentistry is ready to meet you and start a dental game plan for you this Valentine’s Day.

Take advantage your visit to the dentist and transform your dental trip to Mexico to a fun romantic gateway. If you want to keep it local the are several restaurants near the border that offer a fine gastronomy in Tijuana that you can enjoy with your significant other. Now if you have more time in your hand, we can recommend few things to do in Valle de Guadalupe.

Contact us and one of our patient coordinators can help you schedule an appointment with the one of the best dentists in Tijuana.

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