• Louise W. Avatar
    Louise W.
    5 star rating

    Wow! I was so impressed. Like many, I was intimidated by having to cross the border, but it was easy. The clinic is a 5 minute taxi tide from the border line. I felt that it was of equal or higher quality than most dentists in the U.S., for... read more

    Kris G. Avatar
    Kris G.
    5 star rating

    2 years on and about to enter 2020, I am about to head back across to get more work done. I have 3-4 things needing attention so I'll update the review as I get more work done. I hope my review has been of help.

    Zeinab H. Avatar
    Zeinab H.
    5 star rating

    I never usually do reviews but my two upper wisdom teeth were taken out literally just 10-15 min ago and I have to say... it was such a smooth process I never expected to want to come back to a dentist again. The staff is so friendly and energetic. Such... read more

  • Brandon B. Avatar
    Brandon B.
    5 star rating

    I love this place and feel that this is the best Dentist experience i've ever had hands down. Dr. Florez and Dr. Joseph have both practiced on me and have done an outstanding job. The girls at the front desk are very nice to and enjoy talking with... read more

    Josef S. Avatar
    Josef S.
    5 star rating

    Sophia is so amazing. She went out of her way to book an appointment and help me over her lunch break. This woman is an angel and a workaholic. They are so lucky to have someone like her working there.

    Big L. Avatar
    Big L.
    5 star rating

    Other than do a very very good job I can clearly see why this location has the number one spot on yelp they employed nothing but beautiful beautiful girls they treat you incredibly well and they smile and that's nothing but makes you smile you're supportive and patient I just... read more

  • Natalie P. Avatar
    Natalie P.
    5 star rating

    Their facility and staff is amazing! Make sure to let them know in advance if you would like IV sedation as their anesthesiologist is not always available.

    I just had my upper wisdom teeth removed and I am so impressed with the quality of work and how considerate their doctors are...
    read more

    Carla C. Avatar
    Carla C.
    5 star rating

    What a pleasure! Great great service from the get go. Really awesome staff and the service was excellent. Dentist was very through and showed us everything prior to start of treatment.
    Extremely clean and so far very happy with treatment

    No Hostages N. Avatar
    No Hostages N.
    5 star rating

    Best experience of my life. I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed. I was nervous and horrified and I hate pain. I felt no pain, the office is clean, the procedure was fast and I picked up my prescription at costco Tijuana.

    Truly one of the best experience I've had...
    read more

  • Santrise Nicole Avatar
    Santrise Nicole
    - Google

    I absolutely love Advanced Smiles! They are competitively priced, affordable, professional, accommodating, and have superior technology. I have no plans... read more

    Paola Martin Avatar
    Paola Martin
    - Google

    What an A++ Dental team! After three horrible and very costly dental experiences in California, I decided to try this... read more

    Rune Lauridsen Avatar
    Rune Lauridsen
    - Google

    Excellent service, explained what they were doing and why. Let me have a say in everything. Answered all questions thoroughly.... read more

  • Katya Bogoslovskaya Avatar
    Katya Bogoslovskaya
    - Google

    I would send my mother to get work dental done here - this place is fantastic! I highly recommend getting... read more

    Mikki Sylvester Avatar
    Mikki Sylvester
    - Google

    I went with my son to Tijuana for his dental work. This office was wonderful, we could not have asked... read more

    Eric Conner Avatar
    Eric Conner
    - Google

    I cannot say enough about how great my experience has been with these guys. I have had extensive work... read more

  • Gene Franco Avatar
    Gene Franco
    - Google

    I am registered dental assistant in the US, let me tell you, Dr Thelma did a fantastic job.. the staff... read more

    Cristina Mendez Avatar
    Cristina Mendez
    - Google

    By far, Advanced Smiles Dentistry is the best dental office in Tijuana! They are professional, accommodating, and technology-driven. The doctors... read more

    Rick Hall Avatar
    Rick Hall
    - Google

    I needed major restoration work and saved $39,000 over the quote I got in Encinitas. I'm paying only $11,000... read more

  • Ben Nisenbaum Avatar
    Ben Nisenbaum
    positive review 

    Dr. Toledo is great! Great work at a great price!!

    Hanaa Sabri Daniel Avatar
    Hanaa Sabri Daniel
    positive review 

    Doctor Joseph and all staff are amazing my first visit was last Tuesday got 2 implants and deep cleaning it... read more

    Adriana Ugalde De Alba Avatar
    Adriana Ugalde De Alba
    positive review 

    I was VERY scared of dentist, I avoided going to the dentist all the time.
    I saw this place and...
    read more

  • Alan Cox Avatar
    Alan Cox
    positive review 

    Very helpful and friendly. English is no problem. Great prices

    Paul Chaklos Avatar
    Paul Chaklos
    positive review 

    All smiles! Highly recommend

    Renee Padilla Avatar
    Renee Padilla
    positive review 

    All Work Dentist was done here

  • Mike Lomeli Avatar
    Mike Lomeli
    positive review 

    Great work at less than 1/2 the price of American dentists.

    Monica Gomez Dunham Avatar
    Monica Gomez Dunham
    positive review 

    I want to get Veneers to 'fix' my smile so I went to this Dentist's Office for the first time... read more

    Lisa Fisher Avatar
    Lisa Fisher
    positive review 

    My husband needed MAJOR dental work and simply couldn't pay the $15K+ US price tag. He's 73 and on... read more

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