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  • 5 star ratingI am at a loss of words for how good of a place this is.  I am scared of the... read more

    Sam C. Avatar
    Sam C.

    5 star ratingMy fiancé and I were very hesitant about going to Tijuana for dental procedures but it all worked out beyond... read more

    Jewell C. Avatar
    Jewell C.

    5 star ratingI was recommended to come to Advanced Smile Dentistry from a co-worker.  The facility is clean, modern and the staff... read more

    TJ G. Avatar
    TJ G.

    5 star ratingHad a incredible experience with Advanced Smiles dentistry, I got quoted $7500 in my hometown LA for 3 root canals... read more

    Brian M. Avatar
    Brian M.
  • 5 star ratingI can't say enough good things about this practice. I have been going here since December of 2017. I needed... read more

    Brian P. Avatar
    Brian P.

    5 star ratingIn my opinion, Dr Thelma Toledo is one of the few dentists on either side of the border who lives... read more

    Malcolm S. Avatar
    Malcolm S.

    5 star ratingl lost one of the caps on one of my molars by eating into a jolly rancher. Mi jefe found... read more

    Cherokee E. Avatar
    Cherokee E.

    5 star ratingThis was a wonderful experience for me. The staff was wonderful and patient and very knowledgeable. The facilities were spotlessly... read more

    Cynthia B. Avatar
    Cynthia B.
  • 5 star ratingThis was my second time here and it was a great experience. I had an $80 teeth cleaning that was... read more

    Steven R. Avatar
    Steven R.

    5 star ratingI came here for my root canal and crown to be done. I was quoted over $2k in SD so... read more

    Lisa T. Avatar
    Lisa T.

    5 star ratingMy daughter just got a full set of veneers that look amazing. So pleased with the work that was done.... read more

    Tiffany L. Avatar
    Tiffany L.

    5 star ratingEXCELLENT WORK!!!

    I have had some serious dentist phobia and refused to go to the dentists in the USA simply... read more

    Ruslan S. Avatar
    Ruslan S.
  • 5 star ratingHighly recommend the drive to this dental office! Extremely professional and great customer service. They tell you everything straight up... read more

    Melissa B. Avatar
    Melissa B.

    5 star ratingThe staff was very friendly, their office was clean and the dentist answered all our questions and made sure I... read more

    Sofia A. Avatar
    Sofia A.

    5 star ratingI had 4 wisdom tooth removed and general clean up done yesterday, 2 of the tooth needed surgery.  I couldn't... read more

    Basil J. Avatar
    Basil J.

    5 star ratingFor those patients who are wondering about the situation with the border today, no worries. I just crossed into TJ... read more

    Marion H. Avatar
    Marion H.
  • Everything from making the appointment, consultation and service was amazing. Everyone spoke amazing English and the facilities were just like... read more

    Lorraine Grate Avatar
    Lorraine Grate

    Dental Adventure!

    Everything here is straightforward & actually easier to understand than what I’ve experienced in the States. They provide detailed... read more

    Jensi Hansen Avatar
    Jensi Hansen

    I was terrified of coming to the dentist, I avoided coming for almost 10 years but I'm so glad I... read more

    Bianca Gonzalez Avatar
    Bianca Gonzalez

    It was an excellent experience! Everyone was very nice and helpful. They really explained everything in detail. We will get... read more

    Shawn Petty Avatar
    Shawn Petty
  • 5 Star service and 5 Star expertise, the entire crew is all about servicing the client. If you are concerned... read more

    Ray Spagnuolo Avatar
    Ray Spagnuolo

    Traveling to Tijuana is safe, people are kind and going to Advanced Smiles Dentistry is a must if your looking... read more

    Brett Clark Avatar
    Brett Clark

    First of all, I want to Thank All the Doctors and Staff at Advance Smile dentistry. I had called on... read more

    Juan Chavez Avatar
    Juan Chavez

    Spend the day in Tijuana getting my front tooth fixed. Root canal, post/core, Zirconia crown. I'm happy as a clam... read more

    Martin Laursen Avatar
    Martin Laursen
  • UPDATE WAIT TIME: No problem crossing the border, was actually faster than usual at 1030am wed 11/21. Don't... read more

    Devin Western Avatar
    Devin Western

    First, I want to thank the staff for being so nice to me and my wife, and for taking such... read more


    Great experience! They were very thorough and made sure everything was pain free. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!

    Ryan Fuller Avatar
    Ryan Fuller

    These fine folks are hands down the best dentist I've ever been to. Very polite, friendly, and kind. They will... read more

    Kirb Witmer Avatar
    Kirb Witmer
  • I went to my appointment today everything is find in TJ nothing is happening with the migrants caravan, you can... read more

    Gabriela Monarrez Avatar
    Gabriela Monarrez

    Caring staff, beautiful and modern office, incredible prices!

    I came here for a root canal plus a bunch of other... read more

    Juliet Jesman Avatar
    Juliet Jesman

    La atención súper linda. Nos recogieron en el borde San Isidro y Tijuana. En cuanto llegamos a la clínica nos... read more

    Sandra Wave Edgerton

    Went there because my Delta HMO plan sucks. Broke a molar over the weekend, really painful by Sunday...General... read more

    Jon Hollmann Avatar
    Jon Hollmann
  • I was here yesterday for my first time, i was worried about the caravan border situation, not sure how safe... read more

    Lino Quintana Avatar
    Lino Quintana

    Had a great experience at this office! Dr Alejandra and Sofia were very friendly and were very efficient. She made... read more

    Tiffany Bennett

    Great staff, Dental work was done with care and staff was extremely professional. Everyone spoke english and were very patient... read more

    Martin Thompson Avatar
    Martin Thompson

    Estamos satisfactory y mucho

    Mejor en Nuestro idioma...

    Jose Delgado Avatar
    Jose Delgado
  • Very professional and excellent customer service. We got lost when arriving and they sent someone to pick us up. Worth... read more

    Marbeli Ojeda

    Excelente Servicio!!! Odio ir al Dentista y aquí no me dolio nadita...

    German Ramirez Avatar
    German Ramirez

    Drove down from the LA area - facility, service, staff, and prices were terrific. I will definitely be going back.

    Greg Gust

    My Husband and myself are from Tulare California.

    The Dental Care in the area is so expensive, that we researched Dental... read more

    Martha Godding
  • I had my 1st visit and I must say it was very personable and it meets the expectations of all... read more

    Yoli Villareal

    The whole staff was very helpful. Dr. Alejandra Flores and her dental assistant were very kind and explained what they... read more

    Elaine Benton

    Friendly staff, very professional and a great service!

    Sergio Flores

    Simply amazing!!! I traveled from Utah and it was worth every mile. Thanks!!!

    Javier Casalaspro Avatar
    Javier Casalaspro