An overdenture is a removable prothesis designed when all teeth need to be
replaced. This option covers the entire occlusal surface and attaches the prothesis
to dental implants, so they can be stabilized. As a benefit comparing to the
fixed ones, with this type of dentures the patient will have an easier control of the prothesis and a better hygiene.

Implant overdentures offer great advantages like improved support, comfort, retention and stability.

Your dentist will be starting your treatment with a complete oral and radiographic
evaluation, after that you will have a proper planning and treatment plan.

Once your dentist explained the treatment plan to you, he will start with the pre-
operatory procedures, this include having to take a couple of molds of your mouth.
For the next step, your dentist will start with the surgical and pre-prosthetic
procedures. Then, he will finish the treatment with the delivery of your overdenture.

You will need an overdenture if you are a patient with implants and have recurrent
soreness and instability of your denture.

– Inability to chew properly because of missing teeth


 -Terminal dentition

 -Loss of facial height

 -Premature aging

 -Speech problems

-Implants are embedded in the bone to provide support for dentures

-Overdentures are removable, making them easy to keep clean

-Improvement in masticatory and digestive functions

-Proper speech and bite

A good candidate for this type of treatment is a person that is able to have a dental
implant surgery with terminal dentition or toothless.

It is also of importance that you know that multiple visits are necessary for this

Complete oral evaluation

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