Adolescence is the best time to correct tooth alignment and occlusion (the way to
bite) as bone growth can still be controlled. The recommended age to start with the
treatment is when the permanent teeth have erupted, between 11 and 12 years old.

For any orthodontic treatment is important to begin with a dental cleaning, remove all
dental cavities and if there is the presence of third molars, extract them too. After
these procedures, we can start your braces treatment.

On the first appointment your dentist will start with a complete set of
radiographs, models and photographs. Your orthodontics specialist will need to
make some other diagnostic tests to determine the exact point of your growth
curve to create a specific and individualized treatment plan for each case.

The numbers of appointments vary in the type of braces you chose. The approximate
duration of orthodontic treatment is between 18 to 24 months depending on
your case.

At the second appointment, your treatment will start with the placing of your
upper arch braces, then in the third appointment the braces of your lower}
arch will be placed.

You might need an orthodontic treatment if you present oral problems such as
underbite/ overbite, asymmetric jaw growth, excessive tooth wear, teeth spaces or teeth crowding.

-Metal braces/traditional braces

-Ceramic braces

-Self-ligating braces


-Lingual braces

-Improvement of aesthetics

-Improvement of self-esteem

-Proper growth of teeth and jaws

-Improvement of speech problems

An interceptive orthodontic treatment will not only decrease the chances of bruxing or
grinding of teeth and other oral health issues, but it will also reduce chances of
extensive orthodontic treatments such as surgery. 

Complete oral evaluation