Surgical guides are the latest advancement in dental implant technology, A surgical
guide is made by a digital intraoral impression scan of the site, this allow us  to
plan your implant virtually and then place the implant in the most safe, predictable and efficient manner in your mouth.

This treatment is indicated for patients that want less time in the dental chair, less post
]operatory symptoms and a minor time to finish the dental procedure.

Your dentist will be starting your treatment with a complete oral and radiographic
evaluation, then he will take a digital impression of your mouth to plan your treatment virtually.

Once your dentist explained the treatment plan to you, he will numb with local
anesthesia the surgery site. After the anesthesia, your dentist will place the guide
in your mouth to make sure it fits properly, then he will continue with the placement of
the implant in the bone over the surgical guide.

This technique is often used when the clinicians need the most accurate implant
placement, this guide provides a most personalized and accurate results for implant restoration surgeries.

One or more missing teeth

 -Anatomical complications

 -Terminal dentition

-Increased accuracy

-Less surgery time

-Reduced trauma, pain and swelling

-Optimal implant placement

-Predictable results

A good candidate for this type of treatment is a person that is able to have a dental
implant surgery with terminal dentition or toothless.

It is also of importance that you know that multiple visits are necessary for this

Complete oral evaluation