A teeth whitening is an esthetic dental treatment done with a hydrogen peroxide or carbamide
peroxide-based gel that provides an enamel bleaching meaning a change in the color of the teeth.

We managed two options:  home whitening kit and in-office whitening procedure.

The home whitening kit option involves use of a whitening gel by the patient at home, which they place in customized
trays made in our office to fit comfortably and minimize contact of the gel with the gingiva used 30 minutes per day for 2-3 weeks.

The in-office option involves application of a peroxide-containing gel by de dentist with previous isolation
of gum with a light-cured resin barrier and lips with a lip to provide better access to the oral cavity,
cotton rolls and gauze as isolation por tongue and the inside of the cheek,
the application will be done in three periods of 15 minutes each.


-Yellowish color caused by aging

-Pigmented teeth by foods and drinks like coffee, red wine or tea

Because this is a cosmetic treatment signs and symptoms have to be perceived by the patient regarding discoloration
of the teeth, signs and symptoms of pain, fracture, decay, abrasion or cavity among others will be evaluated by the dentist professional
to determine if you’re a candidate for this procedure or if another dental procedure  will be better suited for you.

Its recommended to do a deep cleaning or prophylaxis depending on the patient needs before the procedure
so we can remove any plaque or tartar present that can alter the result of the whitening.

Complete oral evaluation