A diagnostic wax-up is important to perform cosmetic treatments such as
veneers or crowns. Consists of planning and design the dental anatomy that is ideal
for the patient. A wax-up is a an out-come based diagnostic tool made in a laboratory.

-On the first appointment it is necessary to make a clinical and radiographic
evaluation, take impressions of both arches, take intraoral and extraoral

-On the second appointment we place the mock up intraorally, in that way the patient
can see how the final restoration could look.

If you intent to have a restorative procedure the wax-in will give us a better
way to evaluate your case and to give you a proper treatment plan. Since it establishes
the propose outcome of esthetics and function.

We can see the final result even before starting treatment and you will have the
option to modify some characteristic in case there is something you don’t like.

Complete oral evaluation