How do you get to Advanced Smiles Dentistry?

By walking: due COVID-19 pandemic PedWest border crossing is closed. However, Frontera 6 remains open (the old border where the trolley station is). Once you have crossed you can request an Uber calling our office (it will charge you around $3 to $5 dlls) or you can request it using your own app.

By car: You can place our address in your GPS, German Gedovius #10489, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, B.C. Reference information, we are located in the roundabout after the Abraham Lincoln one. Our clinic is in the 1st floor of “Condominio del Rio” office 101-102

Do you have a shuttle service?

We don’t offer shuttle service.

How far are you from the border?

We are located 5 to 10 min away from the border in car.

How much is the consultation?

The consultation is $60 dlls and includes: set of xrays, CT or panoramic xray, oral examination, treatment plan. (If you like to take home your CT scan there is a $100 dlls fee and $20dlls for the panoramic).

Which implants do you manage?

We work with two implants brands: Straumann of $2,000 dlls and Neodent of $1,700 dlls. Both brands and prices include the three stages: implant, healing abutment and crown.

Do you do zoom whitening?

We perform in office teeth whitening. We also offer home kit whitening. (not the zoom machine)

What is a root canal?

A root canal is not a treatment. However, the term “root canal” has come to be commonly used to talk about the procedure. .  Read more information

What materials are your crowns made of?

We work with differents types of crowns, porcelain fused to zirconia, full porcelain (emax), full zirconia (bruxzir).

Do you do same day crowns?

Yes, however these appointments need to be schedule with time in advanced in order to coordinate the agenda, since you will have to be here in the morning to take the impression and come back in the afternoon once the lab has delivered the crown. (depends on the clinic case)

How much does the extractions cost?

Extractions can go from $80 dlls to $270 dlls based on clinical evaluation.  Visit our price list

Do you have a medical fast pass?

We don’t provide medical fast passes.

How many appointments does it take for:

-Crowns: in the first appointment the dentist will do the crown preparation and take the dental impression, you will leave with a temporary made here in our in-office lab. After 1 or 2 weeks, in the second appointment, the dentist will do the permanent crown sitting.

-Bridge: in the first appointment the dentist will do the teeth preparation and take the dental impression, you will leave with a temporary made here in our in-office lab. After 1 or 2 weeks, in the second appointment, the dentist will do the permanent bridge sitting.

-Veneers:  in the first appointment the dentist will evaluate if you are a candidate. In case you are a proper candidate the dentist will start the preparation, otherwise we will take the impression for a “wax try in” to start treatment in the next visit. For the second appointment the dentist will do the veneer sitting, or start treatment if the first visit was “wax try in”.  In the third visit for patient with “wax tri in” the dentist will do the veneer sitting.

Implants:  after 4 to 6 months if the implant placement it comes the 2nd phase which is the healing abutment that takes 1 to 2 months to healed. Then we can take the impression to make the crown over the implant. After 2 weeks, the time the lab needs to make it, we can proceed to cement it. (times may change based on additional treatments).

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we can work with  US insurances with PPO plan. –>Click here to see how to get benefits from your insurance?

 Which are your payment methods?

We accept US cash, debit or credit cards as long as they are Visa, Master Card or Discovery; we don’t accept American Express.

Is Tijuana safe?

Tijuana is a growing city, especially in the medical tourism industry and the government is working hard to make the city a safe place to visit. We are located in a business district and as any other business district we are surrounded by banks, hotels, hospitals, offices, restaurants, etc. across the street is the federal police station.

What kind of braces do you manage?

Metal braces, invisaling and porcelain braces.

What specialists do you have?

Endodontist, Maxillofacial, Periodontist, Prostodontist, Orthodontist, Anesthesiologist and Pediatric Dentist.

Do you manage payment plans?

We don’t have installment payments. However, you only pay as we advance in your dental treatment plan.

How long does the first consultation last?

We will need around 3 hours to have a complete set of x-rays, a CT scan and a proper over evaluation by your dentist in order to come up with a treatment plan. What to expect on the first visit? 

Can I use Uber in Mexico?

Yes, you can use Uber in Mexico.

Do you have parking?

They are several parking lots near the office you can use, they charge per hour or per day.

Do you work with labs or you make them in the clinic?

We work with different labs depending on the work that we are requiring.

Does the CT scan has a cost?

The use of the Ct scan doesn’t have a cost, however there is $100 dlls fee to take the scan home.