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Finally our expansion is complete, adding 3 more chairs to our clinic, 3D X RAY by Sirona and photo studio.So we can keep up with the demand of patients and giving them the service and attention they deserved.

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  • 5 star ratingThe best dentist clinic ever! Staff are welcoming friendly, polite, & always make sure I leave satisfied. I had my read more

    Ashly B. Avatar
    Ashly B.

    5 star ratingI was here yesterday for my first time, i was worried about the caravan border situation, not sure how safe read more

    Lino Q. Avatar
    Lino Q.

    5 star ratingAs someone who used to hate the dentist, this office has completely changed my outlook ! I lost my American read more

    Oksana B. Avatar
    Oksana B.

    5 star ratingTheir facility and staff is amazing! Make sure to let them know in advance if you would like IV sedation read more

    Natalie P. Avatar
    Natalie P.
  • 5 star ratingI have a ton of dental work needed, root canal, extractions for dental implants, fillings and veneers.. I'm actually excited read more

    Desi H. Avatar
    Desi H.

    5 star ratingWent to get some fillings great staff friendly will be going back thank you advance smiles:

    Martinu C. Avatar
    Martinu C.

    5 star ratingDr Thelma was very attentive and worked with her team to make my treatment experience a smooth one. I really read more

    Ale L. Avatar
    Ale L.

    5 star ratingI am at a loss of words for how good of a place this is.  I am scared of the read more

    Sam C. Avatar
    Sam C.
  • 5 star ratingGreat experience!

    Office staff was very helpful and the dentist is a perfectionist!

    Very happy with the results.

    I will definitely return read more

    Keith P. Avatar
    Keith P.

    5 star ratingWent there alone, female, from San Diego and it was sooooo easy!! I highly recommend this place! Take the trolly read more

    Alex Y. Avatar
    Alex Y.

    5 star ratingThe location is super close to the border ! We literally got to the dental office in less than 10 read more

    Brenda R. Avatar
    Brenda R.

    5 star ratingGreat Dentistry. Highly recommend this place clean modern and high end technology equipment. Staff speaks English and more than willing read more

    Deedee P. Avatar
    Deedee P.
  • 5 star ratingMy Boyfriend and my first experience at Advanced Smiles was today.  They were great from checking in with the receptionist read more

    Tracy B. Avatar
    Tracy B.

    5 star rating3rd visit to this office. Very friendly. My dentist Alejandra Flores is very pleasant. I just completed 4 fillings. Going read more

    Elaine B. Avatar
    Elaine B.

    5 star ratingI want to start by saying that Dr. Ceila Flores is the sweetest dentist I've ever met. She went over read more

    Chad C. Avatar
    Chad C.

    5 star ratingI'm terrified of the dentist. I always had really bad experiences in the past because of low level of tolerance read more

    Denisse R. Avatar
    Denisse R.
  • First of all, I want to Thank All the Doctors and Staff at Advance Smile dentistry. I had called on read more

    Juan Chavez Avatar
    Juan Chavez

    UPDATE WAIT TIME: No problem crossing the border, was actually faster than usual at 1030am wed 11/21. Don't read more

    Devin Western Avatar
    Devin Western

    5 Star service and 5 Star expertise, the entire crew is all about servicing the client. If you are concerned read more

    Ray Spagnuolo Avatar
    Ray Spagnuolo

    Great experience! They were very thorough and made sure everything was pain free. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!

    Ryan Fuller Avatar
    Ryan Fuller
  • Dental Adventure!

    Everything here is straightforward & actually easier to understand than what I’ve experienced in the States. They provide detailed read more

    Jensi Hansen Avatar
    Jensi Hansen

    Everything from making the appointment, consultation and service was amazing. Everyone spoke amazing English and the facilities were just like read more

    Lorraine Grate Avatar
    Lorraine Grate

    First, I want to thank the staff for being so nice to me and my wife, and for taking such read more


    It was an excellent experience! Everyone was very nice and helpful. They really explained everything in detail. We will get read more

    Shawn Petty Avatar
    Shawn Petty
  • Spend the day in Tijuana getting my front tooth fixed. Root canal, post/core, Zirconia crown. I'm happy as a clam read more

    Martin Laursen Avatar
    Martin Laursen

    These fine folks are hands down the best dentist I've ever been to. Very polite, friendly, and kind. They will read more

    Kirb Witmer Avatar
    Kirb Witmer

    I was terrified of coming to the dentist, I avoided coming for almost 10 years but I'm so glad I read more

    Bianca Gonzalez Avatar
    Bianca Gonzalez

    Traveling to Tijuana is safe, people are kind and going to Advanced Smiles Dentistry is a must if your looking read more

    Brett Clark Avatar
    Brett Clark
  • If you need dental work, contact Advance Smiles, the are the best, they are professional, friendly and their advanced technology.. read more

    Sandy Marquez Barrera Avatar
    Sandy Marquez Barrera

    Dr. DeAnda’s competitive pricing meets respectful quality up-to-date dental care. This is not a given. Because comparing other clinics we read more

    Dennis Davis

    Friendly staff, very professional and a great service!

    Sergio Flores Avatar
    Sergio Flores

    I was here yesterday for my first time, i was worried about the caravan border situation, not sure how safe read more

    Lino Quintana Avatar
    Lino Quintana
  • Muy buen trato, gracias por la amabilidad,la ética y profesionalismo es impecable, el sistema y equipo es muy bueno a read more

    Fabian Samaniego

    I was comfortable the whole time, very relaxing and I was taken care of in a timely manner. 🙂

    Erik Enrique Lopez Avatar
    Erik Enrique Lopez

    Fantastic costumer service they all go over be on. From the frond desk to all the doctor. Great job Thank read more

    Jose Alfredo Amado

    Had a great experience at this office! Dr Alejandra and Sofia were very friendly and were very efficient. She made read more

    Tiffany Bennett
  • I like how honest and nice they were they also do a marvelous job I would recommend this dentist to read more

    Ay Jay Inkboii Avatar
    Ay Jay Inkboii

    I had a great experience! I recently broke a tooth and to fix it in the US was more than read more

    Patrick Shaughnessy

    Everything here is straightforward & actually easier to understand than what I’ve experienced in the States. They provide detailed printed read more

    Jensi Hansen Avatar
    Jensi Hansen

    This is a great team of talented young professionals, and I recommend them wholeheartedly. Dr. Azucena Guillen and Dr. Julian read more

    Stephen Long Avatar
    Stephen Long
  • They are very professional and affordable,I will recommend to all my friends!

    Ronald Smith

    I can honestly say that Advanced Smiles is all that it says it is. Dr. Julian De Anda and his read more

    Mary Anne Knapp Canales Avatar
    Mary Anne Knapp Canales

    Exelentes dentistas, instalaciones super agradables y magnífico personal! 100% recomendable

    Veronica Avalos Gudiño

    We felt so cared for, informed, taken care of and more. Dr. De Anza was patient, kind, communicative, clear and read more

    Maren Metke

Why is Advanced Smiles Dentistry The Better Dentist in Tijuana?

Based on research, there are thousands of Americans Looking for a Dentist in Tijuana near the border, that are in need of different dental Treatments every year. However due to high prices in the US they are unable to afford these Procedures. We understand that the major obstacle in getting the needed dental services for a lot of Americans is prices. Committed to making sure that everybody can afford high quality dental care, we strive to be one of the most affordable dentist in Tijuana.And our team will make sure to treat you the right way and make you smile again!

Dentist in Tijuana Staff Advanced Smiles Dentistry

Dental Work in Mexico?

Advancements in dental procedures are helping people keep their natural teeth longer. However because we are living longer and more stressful lives we sometimes expose our teeth to many crack inducing habits, such as clenching grinding and chewing on hard objects . These habits make our teeth more susceptible to cracks. This Top Dentist in Tijuana MexicoAdvanced Smiles Dentistry can fix your crack tooth. That shows a variety of symptoms including erratic pain when chewing possibly with release of biting pressure or pain when your tooth is exposed to temperature extremes.

dental implants Tijuana smile

Smile your best with Cosmetic Dentistry in Tijuana

If you’ve ever thought about how great it would be to have a really bright, healthy-looking smile. Then maybe now’s the time to find out what modern cosmetic dentistry has to offer! You might be surprised at how much can be done to change your smile’s appearance with oral health. and how good it can make you feel about yourself the brand new you! Today there are more ways than ever to get the smile you want.

Patient Reviews Tijuana

Dental Tourism in Tijuana Mexico

Thousands of US dental patients come to Tijuana for dental tourism in Mexico every year. Dentistry in Tijuana is of very high quality, and our dentists in Mexico are some of the best in the world. Dental implants in Tijuana Mexico are of special interest to US patients, because with the very high costs in the US. Patients can literally save tens of thousands of dollars on the price of dental implants in Mexico, compared to what is charged north of the border. We offer the most advanced dentistry and the best trained doctors in the city of Tijuana. We invite you to get to know us, check our state of the art facilities, meet our caring doctors and find out by yourself why we are your best option. We are always at the latest dental Technology. Some tools improve our ability to see details and carry out our work more effectively others, improve your comfort and provide information to aid in the decision-making process. From San Diego airport or the US-MEXICO border and back to the United States. We offer to our patients the best facilities, lower prices, qualified doctors, and customer service and quality dental treatments.

How much is a Dental Implant in Tijuana?

Advanced Smiles Dentistry is a Mexican Dentist that understands that Trust is extremely important. Our potential patients are typically concerned about not getting treated fairly when visiting a Dentist in Tijuana in Mexico. They are concerned that they’ll be charged more than what they were quoted or that they will be taken advantage. This is why Advanced Smiles Dentistry always advertises our prices online and when quoted over the phone, that way there are no hidden fees.

Smile Restoration at Advanced Smiles Dentistry.

What is a Root Canal? at advanced Smiles Dentistry Your Tijuana Dentist

What is a Root Canal? At advanced Smiles Dentistry Your Tijuana Dentist For those who don’t know what a root canal is it’s the space within the Tooth Roots which consists of the pulp chamber the main canal(s) and other smaller canals. This area houses soft tissues such as the nerve, blood vessels, and living connective tissue. The sensory nerves carry signals to the brain and are the reason why you would feel hot/cold/pain sensations in your tooth, while the blood vessels provide nutrition to your pulp.

Root Canal

How much does it cost for dental implants in Mexico?

Maybe you’ve heard people talk about having done dental implants in TijuanaIt’s been said that they’re modern dentistry’s best option for replacing missing teeth; That they offer the highest success rate of any tooth replacement procedure; That, with proper care they can last just as long as your own natural teeth. The crown is the pearly-white part that shows up when you smile. And the root, the part below the gum line that anchors the tooth in the jaw.

Dental Implant Surgery in Tijuana Mexico!

Tijuana – Health without Borders

It has evolved into being one of the top cities in the world preferred by many patients, thanks to the doctors surgeons and specialists practicing in Tijuana.
Tijuana is characterized for being a modern city dynamic filled with history museums, good restaurants and also great hotels. Also some hospitals are qualified and certified by the JCI, Joint Commission International and by the Mexican authorities in charge of giving these certifications. Health & Medical Tourism in Tijuana offers quality affordable prices, but also global health by all the persons that are involved in this area.

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A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose.
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