When we hear “dental implants”, usually patients only think about a “post” or “screw” inside the bone to support a dental implant ceramic crown or a all on four zirconia bridge. But it is very important to know that there is more to it than a “Screw” or a “Post before you visit your dentist in tijuana.  So here are the 5 main things you need to know about your affordable dental implant in mexico:

– Brand & Model

As for cars, phones and clothing, there is also numerous brands of dental implants, and each one has their distinct anatomy and design.  As Toyota has their “Tacoma”, they also have their “Tundra”; the same goes with dental implants.  Normally, dental implant brands will have 2 or more models of implants which have different design and are indicated for different cases.

The parts of the implants are often not compatible, so it is very important to know what company they used for your dental implants.

– Measurements

As there are different designs of dental implants, same thing goes with their measurements.  There are different diameters, as well as lengths when it comes to dental implants, and which will be used is based on the height, with and gross of the bone structure where it will be placed.

– Life time of a dental implant

While different literatures have multiple lifespans going from 10-15 years, others go up to 30 years.  Both of them are right, and still can be cases below or above that rate, but it’s important to understand that one of the key factors to have a longer lifespan is your oral care, which we will be talking about next.

– Care

Patients who have or will be having dental implants must realize and fully understand that dental implants are not natural teeth.  Like natural teeth, dental implants may fail, that is why you must take good care of them by being careful on what you eat and proper hygiene of your mouth.  Dental implants are one of the best options to replacing a missing tooth, but we must understand that this is a foreign body in our bone that under poor conditions, our body may end up rejecting the implant.

– Maintenance

There is no difference on maintenance timeframes as of cleanings.  You must visit your dentist every 6 months for your dental cleaning and, if the doctor sees the need, he will be removing your implant crown to clean both dental implant and crown, and placing it back on. (This in case of “Screw-In Crowns”.


Implants, as other dental materials, have expiration dates, and this information comes in stickers inside the same package where the implant comes in.  So, it is important to ask your dentist to provide you with one of these stickers in order for you to have the Lot, Brand, Model, Size (Diameter) and Expiration Date of your implant.  Take this sticker as the complete information from the manufacturer.