These type of prothesis are made for patients to wear during the healing period
following tooth removal, they can replace a tooth or even a full arch.

When the teeth are extracted the surrounding tissues will suffer dimensional
changes in a process known as resorption, the greatest amount of resorption occurs
within the first 4 to 6 months following the teeth extraction, that is why is important to
use an immediate denture.

For an immediate denture it will be necessary a proper planning and pre-
operatory procedures by your dentist. He will take a couple molds of your mouth and  will send them to a dental
laboratory for the fabrication of your immediate denture. The next step is to have your surgical
treatment and once it’s finished you will leave with your prosthetic. Once the oral
tissues heal, it’s probable that you will need a reline to have a better fit of your denture.

You will need an immediate denture if you are planning to have a surgical procedure in your mouth.

Although dental pain can be present when having a tooth fracture or cavity is important to remember
that in can also be asymptomatic, meaning that the only way to detect them is with periodic visits to your dentist
and trough a complete oral evaluation, asymptomatic cavities can clinically be perceived
as brown or dark spots on the surface of a teeth.

– The prothesis help to protect the wound caused by the tooth extraction.

-Immediate replacement of teeth removal

-Restore self esteem

Immediate dentures are temporary they should be replaced with a final prothesis
once the healing period is over. In the beginning it may be difficult to adapt to
these types of dental prothesis.

Complete oral evaluation