It’s well known that Mexico has one of the best cuisines all over the world.  Mexican food is an important part of who we are, it reflects our culture and traditions. You’ll never get bored with our variety of flavors and dishes.

Each regional version is known for its richness and diversity. Without a doubt, Baja California is considered one of the greatest cuisines and for creating the well know BajaMed gastronomy.

If you are up to explore the city beyond the dental clinic, we came up with a top list of restaurants in Tijuana that you can try once you cross the border to visit the best dental clinic in Tijuana, Advanced Smiles Dentistry.

1.- Caesar’s Restaurant

Have you ever been in an Applebee’s or any other chain restaurant and order a Caesar’s salad. Imagine if you can enjoy this traditional dish in the very unique place where the caesar’s salad was invented. Yes, the worldwide famous Ceasar’s salad was created by Caesar Cardini in 1924 in Tijuana Mexico.

tijuana top restaurante

2.- Lorenza

On of the latest restaurant trends in Tijuana. We can describe this place as the combination of the passion of Mexican cuisine and the rich gastronomic diversity of the region. Besides, they have a unique cocktail mixology.


3.- Mision 19

A state-of-the-art BajaMed cuisine. Mision 19 has an original, spontaneous, classic, Mediterranean gastronomy. They offer a variety of dishes and their menu includes vegan meals.

Mision 19

4.- Tabule

When eating at Tabule’s you’ll definetly enjoy the view of the golf course, if you’re looking for diversity you’ll love coming here, their menu has an incredible variety of dishes.


5.- Saketori-Ya

If you are a Japanese food lover, you must try Saketori-ya. They offer a perfect fusion of flavors with quality, original atmosphere and a setting of a traditional Japanese neighborhood pub.


6.- Oryx Capital

An exquisite blend of Baja California flavors. You’ll experience a relaxed style, fresh ingredients, simple flavors, colors, music and hospitality. When visiting Oryx Capital you must try their craft beers and selection of wines.

Oryx Capital

7.-  La Corriente Cevicheria Nais

A seafood restaurant where pacific recipes stand out in a happy atmosphere with good music. If you like seafood, you will definitely enjoy eating here.


While vising your dentist office in Tijuana, one of our patient coordinators can help you request an Uber to one of the top 7 restaurants to enjoy the gastronomic diversity that Tijuana has to offer. As a city and community, we have so much to offer, from Medical Tourism, see sighting , gastronomy, breweries…

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