If you are visiting us from CA, we bet that you have heard for Valle de Guadalupe. If not just imagine a new raw version of Napa’s wineries. It’s totally worth it to take a detour and try some of the wines that are considered the best produce in Mexico.

We put together a basic guide of all that you need to know and have to know about Valle de Guadalupe.


La Cocina de Doña Esthela
You don’t want to miss a traditional Mexican breakfast. The specialty dish is “Machaca con Huevo” and “Borrego Tatemado”. Bonus Tip: arrive first thing in the morning since the waiting time can be over an hour.

Animalón (seasonal)
This pop-up restaurant is part of Chef Javier Plascencia’s family. The fine dining experience is enhanced by eating under a 200 years old olive oak tree.

This restaurant is well known for not having a menu. Yes, you heard right, they cook with whatever it’s at hand. Experimenting day, a day with new and different ingredients. This is a back to basics pure kitchen.

La Justina
At the emerge of Tijuana as a gastronomic district, this restaurant bring to life the new signature cuisine of the city.

Deckman’s en El Mogor 

Their goal is to be a sustainable restaurant, bringing the farm and the orchard to the table.


Finca la Carrodilla
This vineyard is the pioneer of the organic oenological in Baja California offering a sustainable wine and produce. Enjoy a beautiful view with the company of a fine wine and artisan cheese from the garden terrace.

This winery combines the traditional and modern process of making wine. They have 2 lakes where traditional carbonic maceration wine is made.

Famous for the most instagrammable tree that lays over a pond. If you buy the wine tasting they would give you a tour explaining everything of the process of the produce and they will take you under the pond where you can appreciate the roots od the tree.

Cuatro Cuatros
This winery is design and thought for the infrastructure to merge into the land space and become one. This is the most valuable spot in Valle de Guadalupe to enjoy the sunset with a drink in hand.


Encuentro Guadalupe

If you are looking to reconnect with the nature this place offers you the opportunity to do it. Their architecture blends the modern with the beauty of the natural space. Their private individual rooms are spread in the mountain, each one has a balcony to appreciate the view.

Glamping Ruta de Arte y Vino

If you like a rawer experience you definitely need to stay here. Is an airstream campground, each one as a different theme.  They have common areas to do barbeques and bonfires. During the day you can enjoy a bike ride and at night use the telescope to appreciate the clear sky.

Campera Hotel Bubble

Campera is a twelve-bubble hotel in all Northen America. A sphere that embrace the starry sky to give the best night.

Casa 8

8 private houses separate from each other to respect their own privacy but close enough to the main house to have access to the kitchen, pool and common areas.


From San Diego, you can cross the Mexico border at San Ysidro in Tijuana and follow route 1. The highway embraces the pacific coast all the way into Ensenada. Just before entering the city you will take “La Ruta del Vino” (highway3) few minutes later you will start seeing the beautiful scenery that creates the vineyards, olive farms, architectural hotels, wineries and restaurants.



Valle de Guadalupe has a broad repertoire of wineries, restaurants and accommodations. We came up with this list based on our own experiences. We hope you enjoy them as well as we did.