Advanced Smiles Dentistry’s family extends a warm Happy Father’s Day to all the best dads out there. As you might know, or not, June is not only to celebrate Pride month, flag day or Father’s Day, is also the time to bring oral health awareness (Oral Health month). Taking advantage of this memorable season we fused two of them and came up with some easy dental tips for any dad.

Dental Care Role model

Many children aspire to be the as their dad when they grow up. So, dads here is when we need to step up our game and show our best side to our kids. Little humans are watching every step we make; this is a great opportunity to be the role model for a good oral health. Share oral hygiene together. Brushing and flossing your teeth after every meal with your little one will help them pick up the best dental habits.

Being a dental care role model, you need to rule by example. So besides teaching your kid the good dental habits, you have to show them that visit the dentist is part of those habits. Is important to reinforce the fact that dental routine checkups are part of a good oral health. Next time you can schedule an appointment for your kid with a children dentist near you. As a father we bet you want the best for your kid. So we recommend to take your little one to a pediatric dentist, to avoid a traumatic experience that can develop in future dental fear.

If you put in practice these dental tips, we assure you it will make you the best dad. All days are Father’s Day and you should be the best dad for your kid. Dads is never too late to start this dental health journey. Remember you leads with example, contact us today and schedule your routine dental checkup.

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