Did you know that dental phobia is an actual thing that affects people all over the world? Yes, you are not alone. Not alone by being the only one going through this phobia and also because your favorite dental team in Tijuana is here by your side to help you.

There are many forms where fear can present itself and you might haven’t related to dental phobia. Have you ever felt any of these symptoms by entering a dental clinic, sitting in dentist’s chair or even making a dental appointment through phone?
-Feeling of suffocation
-Dry mouth
-Sleepless a night before the appointment

You can also identify this fear if you keep, rescheduling, cancelling or postpone your dental visits anything to avoid going physically to the dental office. However, there are simple strategies steps that you can take in considerations to improve your dental experience and cope better in the dental chair:
-Find the right dentistry clinic
-Always communicate how do you feel to your dentist so all the dental staff can be aware that being there is making you feel anxious and they have a different approach with you, making atmosphere more comfortable.
-Use relaxation techniques such as deep breathing; headphones with music; ask for a blanket.

In extreme cases the dentist might take in consideration the conscious sedation technique, that has been proven to be very helpful when managing with anxiety patients.

Avoid going to the dentist can end up in severe dental consequences:

-Plaque buildup causing periodontal disease
-Teeth and/or gum discoloration
-Loose teeth
-Gum disease
-Bad breath
-Lose of teeth

You don’t have to wait until you experience one of this condition to be fearless and go to the dentist. Feel free to schedule an appointment just have an initial consultation with the best dentist in Tijuana; you can look around our facility and latest technology; meet and get to know all of our dental staff and see if you feel comfortable. Remember to have an open conversation with your patient coordinator, dental staff and dentist by addressing the issue and your phobia, so we can help you in the best possible way and get you through to achieve a good oral health. 

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