Memorial Day is a federal holiday to honor those brave women and men that have fought for the freedom and security of the country. (Also, an important date since is the unofficial beginning of summer.) We want to participate in this celebration of remembrance and reward each one of you this Memorial Day. We all know that every day thousands and thousands of Americans cross the border to come to Tijuana for dental work due the high prices in the US, that is why we manage affordable dental care without compromising the quality of our dental practice. Here at Advanced Smiles Dentistry, you will receive the best dental treatments done by the multidisciplinary dental team using the top-notch technology; all of this saving more than 40%, plus the opportunity to use your dental insurance here in Mexico.

Take advantage of our low dentistry prices and move forward with your dental treatment plan here in Tijuana. We can help you achieve your dental goals and have you smile again. Remember this Memorial Day, that many have fought for you to enjoy your freedom, what better way to do it that giving them the satisfaction of seeing your smile.

Our multidisciplinary dental clinic in Tijuana can take care from a dental cleaning and fillings to major surgery such as dental implants and bone grafts or gum grafts. You just need to make the first contact and schedule an initial evaluation with one of our general dentists. Also, don’t forget to ask about our special deal of the month.

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