Dental implant is the most permanent solution for missing tooth however you have to keep in mind that is not a one appointment procedure. We are going to do the break down of every stage of the dental treatment for a basic placement of a dental implant. *Not all implant dental cases can be approach with the same dental treatment plan.

From start to finish dental implant procedure.

After clinical evaluation is done and the implant specialist has concluded with all dental factors that you are an ideal candidate for the procedure; and of course, with your consent, the dentist will proceed to do small incision in your gum to place the implant surgically under your jawbone. The healing process of this first stage can take 4 to 6 months. A dental check-up 1 to 2 weeks after the implant placement is recommended to keep on eye on the healing development.

The 2nd stage consists in a small and more superficial cut in the gum in order to place the healing abutment, which is the connection between the implant and the future dental crown. This phase will take 1 to 2 months to heal. Also, a checkup is recommended 1 to 2 weeks after to verify everything is healing correctly.

The 3rd and almost final step is when the implant dentist will take an impression, send it to the dental lab, so they can start working on the dental final crown. The laboratory usually needs 2 weeks to make the crown.

The final procedure will be to place the dental crown over the implant.

Additional procedures might be needed to make you an ideal candidate for this dental treatment, such as bone graft or sinus lift. Extra procedures will increase the stages and healing times, extending the number of visits.

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