For the convenience of our patients, we accept most of the US’s dental insurances.
First is important to identify the types of dental insurances and know which is the one you have:

  • HMO: Health Maintenance Organization
  • PPO: Preferred Provider Organization
  • EPO: Exclusive Provider Organization
  • DPOS: Dental Point of Service

Our dental office accepts PPO insurances a network that allows their members to choose the dental service provider of their preference.

If you don’t know, what type of dental insurance do you have you can check on your insurance card or contact a company’s representative.  

Using your dental insurance at our dental clinic in Mexico is possible but different than using it in the US. Once a dental treatment is done here at Advanced Smiles Dentistry you, as patient, have to pay out of pocket and at the end of the process you can submit a claim in order to be reimburse. There are two options to be submit the claim:

  1. By yourself: Once you have completed the dental treatment you can ask for the claim package (before and after x-rays, dentist notes, account statement) enter your dental insurance website and download the claim forms. Fill them out with the information, scan them, send them to us so the main dentist can sign them. We’ll forward it back with the signature.
  2. By the 3rd party company: we work with an external company that validate us to take US dental insurances in Tijuana, Mexico. Depending the PPO insurance, you have you might have to pay a $55 USD copayment (not to us or the 3er party company, is for the insurance). The agents of the third-party company will take care of everything. Once you get the reimbursement the service fee of the company is the 11% of the final check you receive.

Is important to have in consideration that the time frames to get the dental reimbursement may vary. If you, do it by yourself it can take 2 to 3 weeks approximately and if you prefer to take the company services expect an average waiting time of 3 months.

At Advanced Smiles Dentistry you can have your dental treatment in Tijuana for very affordable prices compare with the US with the advantage of using your dental insurance.

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