The official day to do practical jokes to friends and family. This year on April’s Fool day we want to give you some dentistry tips that will help you avoid being the fool, at least regards your oral health.  You will have to be aware not to fall for any pranks.

Let’s begin with the list that will save you:

-You don’t have to wait to visit the dentist until you are in pain. Regular checkups are recommended every 4 to 6 months, precisely to avoid getting to that point break.

-Using baking soda and lemon juice daily will bleach your teeth making them whiter. Baking soda is abrasive therefore will be the end for your enamel.

-Flossing as part of your oral hygiene is not going to create gaps between your teeth. On the contrary, it’s a really important hygiene step.  

-Kids don’t need to brush teeth since baby teeth are going to fall eventually. Poor oral hygiene in early ages can cause long term complications.

-Harder bristles clean better. Not at all, hard bristles tooth brush can damage the gum and the first layer of the enamel. The best dentist will always recommend soft bristle toothbrush.

-Your oral health only affects your mouth is a common mistake. Poor oral health can make your body vulnerable, since your mouth is the perfect entry for any bacteria.

 This is often said and people believe that is good dentistry information. This are some key points that we thought you should know, for not be this April’s Fool. The best recommendation is to always ask the dental expert for any doubt that you might have.
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