Thanksgiving facts 2020

Meanwhile some are preparing their houses to host Thanksgiving dinner and others are ready with containers to take leftovers (we know that most of us like leftovers better than the actual meal). We took the time to dig in in some fact about this holiday that you might not know and can share with your family and friends this Thursday over some turkey and cranberry pie.


  • Even though nowadays Turkey is the official meal for Thanksgiving and each year Americans cook over 46 million of Turkey on this Holiday. There is not a record that can prove turkey was part of the menu for the first Thanksgiving. Researches have found that the earliest thanksgiving dinner a lot of seafood was served, such as lobster, eel, fish, oysters, a long side with duck, goose and venison.
  • If you love thanksgiving leftovers, did you know that they were the inspiration of the first TV dinners? Back in 1953 Swanson employee (company that started selling chicken, turkey and other meats) made a mistaking ordering 260 tons of turkey, which leave them with a lot of leftovers. Inspired by food served in airplanes, they bought aluminum trays to fill them up with turkey, peas, sweet potato and gravy.
  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade debut was in 1924 but it was nothing like we are use to it now. Forget about the giant balloons they use big floats pull by horses, marching band and borrowed animals from Central Park Zoo.
  • Remember our blog about Thanksgiving meal tips. Well this might get in handy after knowing that on average we eat over 3,500 calories and more than 229 grams for fat during Thanksgiving Day.
  • This is the holiday were more American are expected to travel (over 50 million) don’t forget how to travel with your tooth brush over the Holidays.