Traveling with your toothbrush in the Holidays

We know that the Holidays are the busiest times of the year with all the office and family parties, shopping and traveling. That jam agenda can disrupt your oral health routine. It will be important to plan ahead and be prepare before the holidays begins. If you are feeling that something is not right in your mouth or it has been 6 months or more that you don’t see a dentist, we highly recommend to do it before getting in to a plane. You don’t want to start your Christmas vacations with a toothache.

We might have a travel sized personal care bag with your tooth paste, floss and tooth brush. If you think about it most of the times, we put our toothbrush without any case in the bag, but how clean is that space? Make sure to disinfect the bag and the other things that are going to keep company to your toothbrush in this Holiday trip.

Whenever we are at a hotel or at our grandma or parent’s house for the Holidays, we usually tend to leave the toothbrush wet and put it back in to the case. Or we leave it wet in a closed environment.  We are only contributing to feed the bacteria. So, try to leave it out side to dry it.

Since your tooth brush is going to be expose to a different ambient getting more bacteria than usual, the best is to replace it as soon as you get home form your holiday vacations to avoid the contamination.

As soon as you get home from the Holidays don’t forget to schedule your checkup with the best dentist in Tijuana.