All of us are at the tip of their toes just thinking about how the holidays are going to affect our waist line but we never consider that our teeth are also affected. In this case we are not only going to discuss what to avoid but what to include in our holiday diet to help keep our teeth healthy.

Not just sugary food is bad for your teeth also starchy meals. Bacteria feel very attracted to sugar and starch. We know that trying to avoid this food is difficult so let’s start to reduce the intake of desserts like cranberry, apple or pumpkin pies; cinnamon rolls; mash potatoes or any kind of potatoes even the sweet ones; corn or even pasta.

To help your teeth stay healthy this Thanksgiving don’t forget to add big portions of salad, green beans, carrots, asparagus and of course the main character in this holiday dinner, the turkey (protein). Remember, is all about the balance. Imagine your plate as a circle, have of it has to be full with veggies, a quarter of protein and the other quarter is for the starchy foods. 

You always need to practice a good oral hygiene, however is easy to forget about it during the Holidays, please don´t, is really important to keep the habit to preserve a healthy and bright smile. Also keep in mind that you are avoiding dental issues that can spoil Christmas and New Year.

Aside from this recommendation we encourage you to schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Tijuana for a check-up and a cleaning. Either this is your first time at Advanced Smiles Dentistry or you are a returning patient, we can assure that we are dedicate to help you maintain a healthy smile and achieve your dental goals.

Happy Thanksgiving!