Did you know that July 6th 2021 is International Kissing Day? Yes, it is, the perfect excuse to kiss your loved one(s). Here at Advanced Smiles Dentistry, your best dental option in Tijuana, are prepared with some pucker facts that probably you didn’t know about kissing.

Kissing Facts

We know that is really important to maintain a good dental hygiene to keep a good oral health. But did you know that even though you keep a good oral hygiene, in every kiss you can exchange more than 250 colonies of bacteria. Remember to brush and floss your teeth for a fresh kiss.

Summer season is here is everyone is trying to lose weight by burning calories. Did you know that while kissing 34 facial muscles are in motion burning around 26 calories per minute? Do your math and schedule the next making out session with your loved one (or not) to burn the extra calories you couldn’t make in the gym and be ready for the summer.

Best Movie Kisses

Now a list of the movies with memorable kisses. You can plan a movie night to celebrate International Kissing Day, maybe practice a few kisses and burn some calories while doing that.

  1. Spider Man
    Epic moment of Mary-Jane lifting Spider Man’s mask, while he is upside-down under rain.
  2. Lady and the Tramp
    Sharing more than just a spaghetti plate.
  3. The Notebook
    Another pucker under the rain.
  4. Titanic
    All abord.
  5. Pretty Woman
    “No kissing, is too personal”


Want to know more about kisses, we have few tips under our sleeve for the fresher kiss. Also, if you are worried about your oral health or just want a routine dental checkup, please feel free to schedule your appointment. The dental squad in Tijuana is ready to help you improve your smile.

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