Are you interested in getting braces but are worried that you might be the only one of your family and friends wearing orthodontics? Let me tell you are not the only one. Humana Insurance says that over 4 million people in America is wearing braces at this very moment; of which 25% (1 million Americans) are adults, so your age doesn’t matter to start this dental treatment.


An initial dental consultation with the general dentist is needed in order to clear out any diagnose that might interfere with the ortho treatment; such us cavities, wisdom teeth, cleanings, etc. Once you have completed all the dental treatment plan and the general dentist has cleared you up, then you will be ready to see the braces specialist.

Is important to consider that your diet has to change specially in the first weeks of the treatment. Right after the braces are installed for the first time, you will be uncomfortable, is perfectly normal, you will be able to eat only soft foods (soups, smoothies, purees; baby food consistency) you will have to avoid, preferable eliminate any chewy and hard foods, as well as any food that you might need to yank off.

Teeth brushing is really important but with braces is even more important since food can easily get stuck between wires and brackets.

Braces are a commitment; most patients have to visit the ortho once per month to get adjustment. The duration of the bracket’s treatment is going to depend on your dental situation (is personalize).

Orthodontic wax will be your best friend. It will help you protect the lips from rubbing. Don’t forget to remove the wax before eating.

Braces are not just to fix crowed teeth, it can also help correct underbite, over bite and jaw and bite issues; leading to an improve oral health. If you have any of these dental issues, please feel free to contact the best dentist in Tijuana office and schedule an initial consultation in order to be referred with the orthodontist.


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