A dental cone-beam CT scan is a 3D x-ray, in our dental office we use Orthophos SL 3D by Dentsply Sirona, to take this dental study. The process consists of a scanning sensor that rotates around the head taking multiple cone shape x-rays to reconstruct a 3D visualization of the mouth, jaw, and neck.

Why should I need a CT scan?

To begin to, here in Advanced Smiles Dentistry, we’ll take a CT scan as part of our consultation starter package. Don’t worry we’ll not make go to another office to get the 3D x-ray, remember that our dental clinic is fully equipped with the latest dental technology. You can get the computed tomography as part of the very affordable cost from the consultation.

Secondly, our implant specialists in Tijuana will need this type of x-ray for dental implant planning. General dentist at the best dental clinic uses it for diagnosis of cavities or dental trauma. The endodontist finds it helpful when it comes to the endodontic therapy.  The orthodontist and oral surgeon can use it to evaluate abnormal teeth and jaw. To summarize these are some examples.


Benefits of the CT scan

Besides of the multiple uses for diagnose and dental treatment planning. The cone beam CT scan is also beneficial for the patient. For example, the study is pain-free, noninvasive and can be taken in less than 5minutes. The patients don’t need to prepare with a special diet, fasting or clothes. After doing the exam, the patient will be able to drive home safely.

In the same way we are attracted to dental technology, we are for the benefits it can bring to optimize the results from our patients. We invite you to schedule an appointment to find out that Advanced Smiles Dentistry is the best dental office for you enhance your smile. Live the best dental experience in Tijuana.