There are a lot of reasons why to be grateful this Thanksgiving 2021. We can be thankful for our health, especially after these past crazy years with the Covid-19 pandemic. In the same way, we can give thanks for our family and friends.

Equally important most of our patients are grateful for dental implants. Dental implants have many benefits that improve the oral health and life quality. Therefor our implant specialists at Advanced Smiles Dentistry are sharing few more reasons to be thankful for in this Holiday 2021.

Thanks for Dental Implants

Reasons to be grateful for Dental Implants in Mexico

Eat with confidence

You don’t have to settle for soft foods anymore. Accordingly, with JADA (The Journal of the American Dental Association) people who has implants can restore up to 90% of the bite force. While others with dental restoration like a partial denture can regain around 30% of the bite force capability.
Be thankful you can eat everything and chew normally.

New whole smile

At Advanced Smiles Dentistry you will find all the top-notch dental technology. With this mind, our dental office in Tijuana can deliver the most aesthetic dental restorations that will look and feel like your natural teeth.

Prevent bone loss

Missing teeth can cause the loss of bone mass in your jaw. As a result, overtime, your face can sink, sag and fold around the chin, mouth and cheeks area. In that case, a dental implant can maintain the density of the jawbone.

Support System

While dentures or partial dentures are supported by the gum. Dental Implants in Tijuana are place in directly to the jaw bone. Therefore, the support system is more stable and comfortable. The implant screw works like the natural tooth root.


Unlike bridges, partial dentures and dentures. A single dental implant or multiple implants, like an all on 4 or all on 6 can last decades with the proper care.

The implant specialist at Advanced Smiles Dentistry can offer you permanent solutions that can last a lifetime.
Want to be super thankful on next year Holidays 2022? Call today 619-488-1557 and schedule your dental consultation in Tijuana.