We have talked few blogs ago about your options to replace missing tooth or just a couple of them, but how about when you lose all of your natural teeth for periodontal disease, injury or tooth decay. If this is your situation you want to keep reading because we are going to break down all about the dentures.  A dental denture is a removable prothesis designed when all teeth need to be replaced and the smile needs to be restored. When you lose all your teeth can not only affect the way you look, you can also see consequences in your self-stem, the way you eat, speak, even bone lost can develop sagging of face muscles.

Overdenture: Implant overdentures offer great advantages like improved support, comfort, retention and stability. In some unique dental cases the dentist can do denture over the roots of your natural teeth (ask your dentist in a dental appointment).

-Snap denture: removable denture that snap on and off of the previously placed implants.

-Full denture: set of upper and lower dentures that rest in the gum which suction help held the denture in place. Some dentist will recommend to use denture cream to secure the denture.

Immediate denture: after multiple extractions are made this dental prothesis has to be wear during the healing process. When the teeth are extracted the surrounding tissues will suffer dimensional changes in a process known as resorption, the greatest amount of resorption occurs within the first 4 to 6 months following the teeth extraction, that is why is important to use an immediate denture.

Reline may be need it if you have a denture. Resurfacing of the denture tissue so it fit properly in your mouth. If you have done a reline please consider the following tips to preserve the comfort of wearing a denture:
-You can eat after one hour of the reline
-Regularly clean the denture with soft toothbrush and toothpaste.
-Avoid abrasive cleanser.

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