Because of trauma, periodontal diseases or biological missing tooth definitely can make people look at you different making you feel uncomfortable. But beyond the self-stem factor when missing one or several teeth can affect the speak, how you chew and if you let years pass without doing anything about it, teeth can shift and bone loss can occur.

There a few dental options to help you replace that missing dental piece. The ideal dental procedure for you will depend on factors such as clinical evaluation diagnose; budget for the dental treatment; dental goals; availability to come to the dental appointments.


-Dental Bridge: Prosthetic restoration anchored to adjacent teeth of the missing dental piece. This is an affordable dental procedure that on average takes 2 appointment. However, is important to put in the table that the bridge preparation compromise the teeth that are going to be use as anchors since the dentist will have to trim them down in order to the bridge fit properly.

-Dental Flipper: a removable partial denture that replace the missing tooth. Is the most affordable dental option to fix the situation. However, is not the most permanent and comfortable solution.

-Dental Implant: a screw, usually made of titanium, surgical placed under the maxillary or mandibular bone where a tooth is missing to restore it. The complete dental treatment is done in approximately 6 to 12 months depending on the stage you start the process: from extraction and bone graft or directly to the placement of the implant.

 Are you missing a tooth but don’t know which is the best dental option for you? We invite you to contact the best dental clinic in Tijuana, talk with one of our patient coordinators to schedule an appointment for a clinical evaluation an get a diagnose.

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