Happy Halloween

The problem with Halloween is not the 2 to 4 billion of dollars spent it candy (or is it?) is that, that expense translates in dental problems and don’t get me started in the subject of child obesity.

We know that is hard to go cold turkey on the candies. Changing habits is all about taking baby steps. So, let’s start by making good decisions at time of choosing our candy this Halloween.



We´ll dare to say that this god gift will be your best option. Why? Well, first of all we are talking about chocolate without nuts, caramel, toffee or hard shells. Now, this will be the best choice since chocolate washes away from your teeth very easily. The remains stick on your teeth can be wash off with a sip of water. However, don’t forget to always brush your teeth after eating sugary foods.



This is when we get picky. Sticky candies such as gummies, toffee, chews, etc. are harder to remove from the teeth therefore they stay longer in our mouth giving more time to the bacteria to do their spooky work and create an evil cavity.



The scariest of them all. This are the reason of a lot of broken teeth around these times. Please try to avoid them or if you are eating them look out for left behind pieces in the back molars, where they usually get stuck.



This are the candies with the higher acid content. When you eat sour candies, you damage your tooth enamel much faster than with other candies.


If you are planning to have a Halloween candy feast, or not, always remember to balance out the candies and sugary foods with healthy foods. See you in your next dental checkup.


halloween candy