Holiday season is the most joyful time of the year. For example, we get the opportunity to spend time with our family and friends. Also, a wonderful season to enjoy the best meals and drinks. However, while we are being festive, we must not forget to be conscious about our oral health.

Is important to remember to take good care of your teeth as your overall health. The dentists at Advanced Smiles Dentistry have come up with the perfect gift list for this 2022.

Regular Dental check ups

As the Holiday season begin, we understand it becomes the busiest time of the year. We can give two big reasons why is important to keep up with your dental appointment over the Holidays 2021. Firstly, is a great opportunity to maximize your dental benefits before the new year beings. Secondly, because you can prevent any dental emergency that might happen during these joyful times.

Commit to stop smoking

Avoid smoking will not only improve your overall health, will also contribute to reduce the risk of gum diseases. Cosmetically speaking nicotine and tobacco can stain your teeth.

Hygiene kit

Holiday season for some people implies traveling to their home town. If you want to share a shiny, fresh smile you must travel with your dental care kit: tooth brush; tooth paste; dental floss; floss tooth pick; water jet (if you have one).

Avoid using your teeth as tools

We know open Christmas gifts can be exciting. In might be tempting to use your teeth to unwrap your gifts. But in order to avoid ending up with a chipped tooth have ready scissors or a card opener. You don’t want to end the 2021 with a dental emergency.

Switch hard candy for chocolate

Candy canes, hard mints and sticky lollipops are better to left them dissolve in your mouth rather than bite them. If you bite this type of candies, you are more prompt to end up with a chipped tooth. Also, hard candies stay longer between the teeth which can lead to developing cavities.


Drink water

Holiday beverages are the best during this cold season. For example, hot chocolate by the fireplace; eggnog in the morning; sparkling juices for the toast. This tasty but sugary drinks can increase the risk of cavity formation. The best dentists in Tijuana will encourage you to drink water not only for hydration, but also to help wash away the sugar.

Clean Teeth

Neglecting your oral health can bring long-term dental problems. Therefore, we suggest to brush your teeth at least right away before waking up. You don’t want to have bad breath in Christmas morning.

Red Wines

Comparatively with smoking, drinking wine can stain your teeth enamel. We are not saying to avoid drinking in, but reducing the intake of this colored drinks can help a lot.

Winter veggies

Eating veggies will not only balance your diet. Some vegetables are rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is a good source to strengthens your enamel. A weak enamel can increase the chances of teeth sensibility and cavity formation.

New traditions

After the rough couple of years, we have been through. Health has become the number one priority. A new tradition can be to visit the dentist before the year ends to start the new year the best possible way.

Dental Care Rules

Accordingly, to the ADA (American Dental Association) you have to brush your teeth for 2 whole minutes, twice a day. Holiday’s vacations don’t exempt you from this good oral health activity.

Dental Care Gifts

Let’s step out of the traditional gifts. if you read our last blog, you can find the perfect Christmas gift list. Give the gift of oral health. Care enough to share.

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