With Christmas 2021 around the corner, we are stepping out of the box with our gift list this year. As we know, is not that easy to do Christmas shopping for everyone. Therefore, we are going to give you some non-traditional gift ideas for this Holidays 2021.

Water Flosser

Forget about string floss. Dental Water Jets are the hot trend in Oral Health.
Waterpik® research results said that their water flosser can remove up to 99.9% plaque biofilm.

Bottle Water

Important to realize that drinking water is a key factor to keep a good oral health. A thermo bottle can be nice present this Christmas. It doesn’t only say that you care for their hydration status but that you also care for the environment. Since we are reducing our plastic consumption.

Teeth Whitening Kit

In this case, for shinier smile you can give a teeth whitening kit. You can visit Advanced Smiles Dentistry for a personalized whitening kit. The whitening trays are specially crafted for each person for a better and even whitening.

Gift Card Free Consultation

Dental care has been taken for granted since forever. For example, you should visit every 4 to 6 months for regular checkups; not when you have a sever tooth pain. Contact your favorite dentist near the border Advanced Smiles Dentistry and ask for a Free Consultation Gift Card.


Gift Card Free Dental Cleaning

As well as regular dental checkups has been neglected, people don’t give the importance that dental cleanings deserve. A periodontal disease can affect your overall health.
Call Advanced Smiles Dentistry’s patient coordinators and ask for a dental cleaning gift card.

Given these points, we can say is time to make oral health a permanent trend for this new year 2022. You can plan your travel to Tijuana not just for vacations.

To emphasize, is a reality that Mexico has the most affordable prices in all medical areas. Dentistry is not the exception. And in Advanced Smiles Dentistry besides offering, you the lowest dental prices near the border, we also provide the highest quality in our dental work and dental services.

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