Did you know Queen Elizabeth II wear braces for a long time when she was young?


Queen Elizabeth II always showed beautiful white teeth every time a camera captured her smile. UK dentists commented that The Queen had good oral health and most of her natural teeth despite her age.


Back in 2019 a dental expert from the United Kingdom stated that Queen Elizbeth II must have zirconia crown and porcelain veneers to help her improve her looks through the years.


Today, The Queen dies at 96 years old wearing a lovely smile. If you are looking to enhance your smile the best dentists in Tijuana can help you improve your teeth. The prime minister called Elizabeth II a “personal inspiration”, calling “her devotion to duty” an “example to us all.”


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You don’t have to be royalty to get high quality dentistry. Remember that your oral health can affect directly to your overall health. Don’t forget to visit your dentist at least once a year for routine checkups.


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