Kent Express a long with data from other organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO), compiled The Oral Health Index: the most “teeth conscious” countries.


Qatar ranks #1 in the list of the countries with the best dental health. To point out, Qatar’s capital Doha has the lowest sugar consumption. As a result, this statistic affected directly with Qatar’s people oral health.


In the light of this, Qatar has the best medical team to provide any health service to all elite football soccer players during the World Cup in 2022.


Aspetar is the first specialized Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Hospital. Making their way to be prepare to treat hundreds of elite soccer players. Aspetar presented a symposium on oral health in football 3 months ago.


Oral health in football


Any oral diseases can affect your overall health. However, if you are an elite athlete, your performance be in risk more than you think.


How can oral health affect sports performance?


An unhealthy mouth can affect the athletic performance in several ways:

·         Poor oral health can affect your daily routine, since it can develop in a tooth ache, headache, sensitivity teeth.

·         Gum inflammation and tooth infection can cause negative results in your body.

·         Malocclusion affects directly to the posture and gait.

·         Mayor dental problems such as wisdom teeth pain, gum abscess, broken tooth and any oral infection.


How can athlete protect their teeth and oral health?


1.      Oral hygiene routine is the best way to prevent any dental problem. Remember to brush your teeth at least twice a day.


2.      Visit the best dentist for routine dental checkups.


3.      Avoid smoking


4.      Healthy diet


5.      Protect the teeth by using a mouthguard


Did you know there is a statistic that says that more an average of 150,000 sport injuries are prevented by using a mouthguard. For instance, there are some sports where the use of mouthguard is mandatory. For example:


·         Boxing

·         Football

·         Taekwondo

·         Ice Hockey


Important to realize that even if you are not an elite athlete you should always give your teeth the care they deserve. Visit your dentist in Tijuana, Mexico to treat your teeth at very affordable dental prices.


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