Is well known that US healthcare is highly expensive, even with insurance. Specifically talking about oral health. Therefore, American have been traveling to Mexico for more affordable dentistry.


Low-cost dental care in Mexico

I general dental procedures in Tijuana are about 70% more affordable than US dentistry. Additionally, Advanced Smiles Dentistry will accept your US dental insurance. Which means you will get a percentage back of what you paid.

With this in mind just make sure your dental insurance is a PPO so you can use it in Mexico in order to submit a claim to be reimbursed.


The future of dentistry

Since 2020 Advances Smiles has striven to improve and offer the best top notch dental technology.

For example, in the last 3 years the best dental clinic near the border implemented the intro-oral digital scanning for 3D printing.

Digital impressions at Advanced Smiles Dentistry have revolutionized dentistry in Tijuana. Proving the latest technology to make our patients more comfortable and deliver the most precise and accurate dental restorations.


Competitive dental market

Due the high demand of dental treatments, Tijuana offers a wide range of dental options at low prices. Under those circumstances, the dental clinic options are available for all types of budgets.


For example, our certified dentists and specialists offer only high-quality dental work. Since patient care is our priority, we’ll never compromise our work with low quality materials and equipment.


Mexico, a great place to visit

Taking advantage of your visit to the dentist in Tijuana, to travel around and get to know Mexico better.

Our city has a lot to offer to our medical tourists. First, you can visit Rosarito and eat lobster and seafood in Puerto Nuevo. Secondly a mini road trip to Ensenada to the vineyards.


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