Did you know that most dental insurances run on a calendar year? If yours happens to expire by December 31st you still have time to schedule an appointment with Advanced Smiles Dentistry in Tijuana and use your dental benefits before 2023 kicks in.


Dental Reimbursement

At Advanced Smiles Dentistry you can use your PPO dental insurance in Tijuana. After a dental treatment is done you pay out-of-pocket and once you have finished you can summit a claim to be reimburse.

Holiday season is the best time to get some money back. Maximize your insurance at the best dental office and get your money back just in time to buy the perfect gifts for Christmas 2021.



The deductible amount is the money you should pay the dental office out-of-pocket before the dental insurance can step in to cover your dental treatments in Tijuana. So, if you already paid the deductible make use of the benefits because as soon as January 1st kicks in, you will have to pay the deductible again.


Yearly Coverage

Most dental insurances plans have a limit of coverage, usually known as “dental annual benefit maximum” or “annual maximum coverage”. This is the total amount that the dental insurance will cover over 12 months. Every plan has a different percentage of coverage based on the type of treatment.


Dental Problems

Remember prevention is everything. But, if you already have any dental issues is better to take care of them on early stages, rather than wait until the solution can become the worst-case scenario. Making the decision to visit the dentist regularly can save your teeth, time and money.


How to Maximize Your Dental Benefits


Ways to fully maximize your dental benefits:

  1. Schedule your regular dental cleanings.
  2. Visit your favorite dentist for routine checkups
  3. Ask your dentist for any preventive treatments
  4. Split up long treatments like dental implants, full mouth crown rehabilitation, or all on 6 implant dentures.


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