Based on research, we know that out there are thousands of Americans looking for a Dentist in Tijuana near one of the busiest borders in the world, that are in need of different dental treatments every year.  For that and many reasons more we are committed to making sure that everybody can afford high quality dental care, we strive to be one of the most affordable dentists in Tijuana, and our team will make sure to treat you the right way and make you smile again!

Meet two of our amazing cosmetic dentists. Smile makers that will help you smile with confidence.

DDS Alejandra Ponce:
As a fully bilingual Doctor she is able to have an increased understanding of all her patients’ needs and concerns. The recommended dental treatments to her patients are always very honest and helpful. She prides herself in creating a comfortable environment for her patients. DDS Ponce has special interest in Cosmetic Dentistry where she finds the perfect balance between professionalism and passion delivering dentistry in the form of art. The satisfaction in her work is by returning confidence and happiness to her patients by providing them with a new smile.

DDS Thelma Toledo
She has been part of Advanced Smiles Dentistry from the very early stages of this dental project. Her hard work and attention to details have aided in achieving such a successful and organized environment here at our dental clinic. She provided the essence of what the future dentists who joined the dental team aspired to be. Her meticulous scrutiny to detail allows her to create extremely impressive cosmetic dental rehabilitations, returning confidence and oral health to many of our patients.

If you your dental goals are aesthetic you know the best option is in Tijuana with Advanced Smiles Dentistry.

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