Can anyone get teeth whitening?

Even though teeth bleaching is safe procedure to make your smile brighter. If you have worn enamel, exposed roots, gum disease or cavities may not be ideal to get your teeth whiter. First, we recommend you to visit Advanced Smiles Dentistry for a consultation.


What type of teeth whitening do we use?

Opalescence™ (gel)


How does Opalescence™ works?

Whitening gel pass into your teeth to oxidize the discolored molecules and to remove stains. Gel is potassium nitrate and fluoride formula.


Will I get teeth sensitivity with Opalescence gel?

Although no harm is caused to your tooth during whitening treatment. Sensitive teeth are a common temporary side effect. The best is to consult your dentist in Tijuana to know the best treatment for you.


How many sessions do I need to get my teeth whiter?

Must be remembered that your teeth should have the color that matches the white of your eyes. With this in mind, every person reacts different to bleaching treatments. Therefore, each patient will whiten to different time rate.


Does whitening work on zirconia crowns, porcelain veneers, dental bridges or dentures?

Opalescence™ will work only on your natural teeth and will not affect any dental restoration. Pre-existing dental work such as composite fillings, veneers, crowns or bridges will have to be replace in order to match your new teeth color.


How long do teeth whitening results last?

Teeth whitening results are very stable. However, is important to realize teeth bleaching effect is not permanent. Some factors can make your teeth lose their shine. For example, diet, smoking, age, even some medication may affect the length of the whitening results.


Find out if you are an ideal candidate to whiten your teeth. Schedule your consult with the best cosmetic dentists in Tijuana. Get the most affordable dental prices near the border for your new smile.