People being unsatisfied with their smile is more common that we can think of. With this is mind usually they choose the “faster” option such as dental veneers or teeth caps. However, many of those patients might not be a candidate to any cosmetic dental treatment before getting braces.


Type of bite problems


Cosmetic dentist Alejandra Ponce and Prosthodontist Jorge Mariquez will explain why you might refer to an orthodontist based on your bite type before getting porcelain veneers.



This is the most common reason to use braces. Fixing crowed and overlap teeth helps improve and enhance the smile. Also, reduce the risk of development cavities and the accumulation of plaque and tartar.



Teeth spacing for missing teeth or too much room between them can be a dental problem. For example, it can affect your oral hygiene and may weaken your gum and teeth leading to major dental issues such as gingivitis or periodontitis.



Minor misalignment still can cause teeth enamel to wear off due that your denture is not properly set in the jaw.


Overbite (deep bite)

To point out, this is regular type of bite in the population. That if you leave untreated can lead to weak gum, rapid enamel wears off and eating problems. For this reason, the best way to correct it is wearing braces and an expander palate.



Protruding lower jaw bone can cause bottom teeth to extend and cover the upper teeth. Jaw stress or trauma are the most common symptoms of an underbite.



There are several causes of this type of bite. First, because the upper teeth are so closed together and the lower ones are more separate. Another cause can be the irregularity of teeth size.



One of them most serious orthodontic cases. A crossbite can occur in one or more teeth. Under those circumstances the effects of crossbite misalignment can be an uneven growth in the jaw, and uneven facial appearance. Since there are teeth protruding, the affected tooth can create a hollow in the gum tissue. This can expose the gum to several infections.



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