Funny to think that a root canal is often associated with a painful dental procedure. When actually a root canal is the treatment to relief the pain. Have you ever considered having a dental root canal done in Tijuana? Tijuana has become known for quality dental care, low dentistry prices and options for dental tourism.


Firstly, affordability stands as a top reason to visit Tijuana for dental treatments. From expensive dental costs in the United States to the budget-friendly options near the border. If you are seeking a low-cost dental solution without compromising on quality, Advanced Smiles Dentistry is your answer.

Moreover, the best dentist in Tijuana has all it takes to welcome international patients.  For example, bilingual dental team, communication barriers are virtually non-existent. Our state-of-the-art dental clinics, with cutting-edge technology.


When it comes to the root canal procedure itself, Tijuana’s dental experts are the best. Advanced Smiles Dentistry endodontists uses techniques that allows minimal discomfort during the procedure. Sedation options, from conscious sedation to local anesthesia, are readily available to ensure a painless and stress-free experience.

Tijuana dentist root canal

Choosing an endodontic therapy in Tijuana is guarantee more than a successful procedure. You can live a whole experience with dental tourism. Beyond the clinic doors, Tijuana’s cultural offerings are delightful.


In conclusion, choosing Tijuana for your dental root canal involves affordability, expertise, and a cultural experience. Make the most of your dental health and start a journey that to transform your smile and improve your oral health – all while staying within your budget.

Contact Advanced Smiles dentistry to save up to 70% in any dental treatment. In addition, you can use your PPO dental insurance in Mexico. Also, don’t forget to ask for the list of hotels that provide special rate for our patients.

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