An in-house dental laboratory is a game changer in the dentistry field. At our facility, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch dental services. With the convenience of having our own laboratory right on-site.


First and foremost, our lab is equipped with cutting-edge technology, operated by professional dental technicians. Whether we are making metal-free crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers, or all-on-x dentures. We ensure that each piece meets the unique specifications of Advanced Smiles Dentistry patients.



State-of-the-art dental lab


In order to be the top-rated dental office in Tijuana, our dental lab uses advanced digital technology and 3D printing. In that case, our dentists’ team can achieve precision and accuracy in any dental restoration made by our dental-lab


To begin with, we only work with the best dental brands to ensure our results. Additionally, our work-flow and digital system optimize the turnaround time of dental rehabilitations up to 40%.


Top level dental solutions

The smooth integration of Advanced Smiles Dentistry and lab ensures that any adjustments or modifications you might need is going to be made promptly.  From a change of color to your Emax veneers to the final fitting of a zirconia all on 4 dentures. Advanced dental lab prioritizes open communication and patient satisfaction every step of the way.

ASL laboratory specializes in fixed all-on-x dentures, but covers all dental services. For example, we offer solutions for Straumann implants, zirconia crowns, bridges, E-max, veneers, porcelain onlays, Argen, among others.

Dental specialists and lab technicians working together step by step through every patient dental journey.  


In conclusion, our in-house dental lab in Tijuana represents the excellence in oral healthcare. Through a combination of advanced technology, skilled team, and a patient-centric approach. We are dedicated to enhancing smiles and transforming lives.

For the best dental care at affordable prices, you can visit Advanced Smiles Dentistry.