We join the annual campaign to raise awareness. October is here and we are ready to contribute by sharing the most powerful weapon: information.

Did you know cancer can affect your mouth?

The link between breast cancer and oral health is thinner than we might think.

As the best dental clinic that Advanced Smiles Dentistry is; we can offer the help of every dentistry specialty a breast cancer patient might need.

  • Oral surgery: to treat conditions related with the mouth, teeth, jaw and face. All the functional aspect of the hard and soft tissue from the mentioned areas.
  • Prosthodontist: to restore and maintain the function and aesthetic of an artificial structure and devices.
  • Periodontist: specialist that offers a wide range of treatments involving the supporting structure of the teeth.
  • Endodontist: specialist focused in the diagnosis and treatment of different conditions that affect the tooth pulp.
  • Implantology: to use surgical techniques to do permanent replacement of missing teeth by implanting a screw to give structure for the final full zirconia crown.


Don’t assume and believe everything you read or hear outside the professional area. As well as we encourage you to visit your favorite dentist in Tijuana. We also want to cheer you up to visit the physician. You can visit breastcancer.org for more information and CDC to find a breast screening near you.

Knowing that many of Advanced Smiles Dentistry’s patients have won the battle or are still in the fight against breast cancer. We want you to know that we are on your side helping in any way. Feel free to schedule an appointment.

Since we are truly committed to the wellness of every patient, we encourage you to contact the best dental office near the border. You will not be only receiving the top-quality in-patient care and dentistry. Also, will be receiving any dental treatment related to breast cancer.