Is time to make resolutions for the new year. Health has become an important priority to consider due the pandemic. Similarly, we should look upon oral health, which can influence in your overall health.

Because a new starts most dental insurances renew their benefits based on calendar. With this in mind you should take advantages of the new dental benefits to improve your smile.

US dental insurance in Mexico

At Advanced Smiles Dentistry you have the opportunity not only to save thousands of dollars in your dental treatments. In addition, our dental office accepts most PPO dental insurances.

How can I use US Dental Insurance in Mexico?

First, we recommend to get in touch with your insurance agent. Start looking in to your plan and get familiar with all the dental benefits it has.

Remember that only PPO insurances can be use outside the US. If you have an HMO dental plan you most likely will have to visit a dentist inside your location from a narrow list of dental options near you.

Secondly, a breakdown of the coverage percentage can become handy when you are submitting a claim to be reimbursed for what you paid.

Lastly, we advise to visit your favorite dentists at Advanced Smiles Dentistry for an annual checkup. By doing this you can know your dental needs and plan a dental treatment for the running year. With the purpose of maximize the dental benefits before another year kicks in.

What Does Dental Insurance Cover?

Every dental plan is unique. However, most of them will cover 100% of the preventative work.

Dental Exams, cleanings and x-rays are known as preventative dental care. You should get 1 to twice checkups per year.

As soon as January 2022 kicks in, don’t doubt in calling your favorite dental office near the border. Advanced Smiles Dentistry will only remain closed in December 31st and January 1st. So be ready to scheduled your first dental appointment of the year to start using your dental insurance in Mexico.

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