As you might know inflation (the overall prices of goods and services) has climbed significantly. As a result, the world is living the largest increase of the inflation in decades.

The service of dental care is equality affected by the inflation. You may wonder how? Well, since all the prices had increased people have to make priority decisions.
For example, food, mortgage and medicine can become a priority over, entertainment, technology and even a dental cleaning.

Nowadays a tooth pain is in the field competing with gas and food. Therefore, our dental clinic in Tijuana still remains more affordable than US dental care. Even though we increase our prices due the pandemic COVID-19 back in 2020, you still can save up to 70% in Advanced Smiles Dentistry.

Dental price list US vs. Mexico

For example, just a prophylaxis dental cleaning in the US can cost you between $130 USD and $200 USD. You can save up to 70% by having a dental cleaning in Tijuana.

Let say maybe you need a dental crown. In your local dentist near LA a metal fused to porcelain crown has an average cost of $1,000 USD. And if you want to upgrade for a zirconia dental crown you will have to pay around $2,000 USD.
If you travel to Mexico, you can pay half of the metal crown price and get a zirconia dental cap with the best quality.

While we go through this inflation dental clinics in Mexico can still maintain a big gap in price comparison with US dental procedures.
In addition, to this extreme saving costs, you can make use of your dental insurance. In fact, in Advanced Smiles Dentistry, you can use most of PPO dental benefits.

How to use my US dental insurance in Mexico?

First, you have to pay out of pocket for the procedures. Then, once the dental work is done, you can submit a claim in order to be reimbursed.

At the end you are not just saving in your dental treatments by doing it in Mexico. Additionally, you are getting back a percentage of what you paid to improve your oral health.

Overall, your best option is to visit Advanced Smiles Dentistry in Tijuana and save thousands of dollars in your smile transformation.

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