Did you Martin Luther King Jr. is known worldwide for his important role in the American Civil Rights Movement, fighting for equality and justice? Dr. King’s legacy is a reminder of the importance of equal opportunities for all, regardless of race or background.

Therefore in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.’s teachings, our dental community has strived to create an inclusive environment.


For example, at Advanced Smiles Dentistry, we pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and accepting environment for all clients, regardless of their race or background.


Also, we believe in celebrating the unique perspectives that each dental team member brings to our community. Our Tijuana’s dental clinic strives to ensure that everyone feels respected and valued when engaging with our low-priced dental services. We make sure every dentist promotes an inclusive atmosphere.  In order to create a space where all clients can feel comfortable and appreciated.


The Hollywood dream smile


The iconic “I Have a Dream” speech done by MLK Jr. is remembered as a statement that everyone has a right to dream and start a journey to achieve it. In this case, his dream was equality for everyone.


For this reason, your best dentist in Tijuana wants you to know that achieving your dream smile is possible. Your perfect smile is available in Advanced Smiles Dentistry at affordable dental prices.

From teeth whitening and braces to teeth bonding and porcelain veneers. A personalized dental treatment plan, done by our skilled dental professionals, can transform your smile. Embracing the journey to your dream smile means embracing a positive impact on both your oral health and overall quality of life. With Advanced Smiles Dentistry dental care and commitment, your dream smile can become a reality. Contact the best dentist in Tijuana and take advantage of our monthly service discounts.