Following the innovations and always looking to stay in the path of the cutting-edge technology. Advanced Smiles Dentistry has understood the relation between dentistry, technology and the emotional bond with the patient.


Therefore, our dental team is made up of experienced and certified implant specialists and prosthodontists. Advanced Smiles in Tijuana has the best state of the art facilities to daily offer dentures over Straumann implants.


What is All-on-4?

To explain it better we can say all-on-4 is a solution to fix multiple missing teeth and rebuild full function of patient’s mouth. Basically, we are talking about a full mouth denture supported by 4 titanium implants.


Process of All-on-4 dental implants

Is commonly usual to think all-on-4 implant process is a complicated and expensive dental treatment. However, in our clinic near the border we have the most affordable prices. Also, we can provide the friendliest steps to complete a prosthetic procedure.


First, in order to know your needs, you should expect a full dental evaluation. Including individual x-rays, panoramic x-rays and a CT scan to look in to the jawbone density. Our implant specialist will also discuss your medical history, health problems and anything can compromise the outcome.


Secondly, our dental team might recommend IV sedation for a more comfortable process. Once you are fully sedated or numbed the implant specialist will proceed to place the titanium implants. In the last step the best dentist will finish providing temporary dentures for you to use during the healing period.


Recovery time, once Straumann Implants are in place. It takes around 4 to 6 months to bone fully grows in to the screws.


Finally, when the osseointegration is complete, the dentist will replace the temporary dentures with your permanent zirconia dentures.



Visit Advanced Smiles Dentistry and receive the best dental care in Tijuana. Loosing teeth is an arise dental problem and we have the best solution for it: implant supported dentures.