Braces before veneers – Reduce the need for drilling


Is pretty common to have patients interested in veneers because they want to improve their smile. However, most of the times this patients’ teeth are significantly misaligned, crowded, rotated or with big gaps.


When doing cosmetic dentistry, less shaving of the tooth is preferable. Advanced Smiles Dentistry dentists frequently recommends getting short-term braces before starting porcelain veneer treatment, when patient’s teeth misalignment is considerable.


In essence is possible to prepare for veneers, some cases. Even so, is important to know that subtle compromises can exist. On the other hand, there are some situations where teeth don’t have the ideal position and is impossible to avoid those compromises. For example, ending up with thick veneers for saying the less. Now, much drilling involved will end up being a dental crown and not a porcelain veneer.

3 Reasons to consider getting braces before veneers

  1. It can correct your teeth. Braces can fix overbite and underbite to obtain enhanced cosmetic results. Having braces targets your oral health first and foremost.


  1. It can address treatments in a way that veneers can’t. Excessive tooth wear from having misaligned teeth is a real dental problem. You might need to address this issue before, since veneers can’t help you if your teeth are rotten and broken!


  1. It can avoid misalignment complications. Getting braces can attack the problem from the source. For example, jaw problems.


All things considered; this is why we highly recommend you always visit certified dental professional. 

In conclusion, you may need to use Invisalign or any other type of braces to straighten your teeth before getting veneers. Time of ortho treatment will depend on the severity of the misalignment and your dental goals. Remember that you need a dental clinical evaluation to explore whether you want or need to straighten your teeth in combination with veneers. as veneers can’t help you if your teeth are rotten and broken!