Advanced Smiles Dentistry would like to wish all moms the best Mother’s Day. If you are trying to do something different and special for mom this year. The best dental clinic near the border has the best mom gifts ideas for this may 2023.



Mother’s Day Special Promotion


White smile promo in Tijuana available for all mothers:


  • Consultation. Includes set of individual xrays, panoramic xrays, CT scan, dental clinical evaluation and the treatment plan with affordable prices.


  • Periodontal Maintenance. A dental procedure to remove tartar. Will clean between your teeth and down to your gums. Most commonly known as scaling and root planning.


  • Teeth whitening home kit. Teeth might get stains from many reasons. Teeth bleaching makes discolored teeth white.



Dentistry and Pregnancy


In the first place is important to realize how necessary is to have a good oral health before, during and after the pregnancy.


For example, during the pregnancy period women go through a lot of hormonal changes. Therefore, the risk of developing gum disease increases.  Periodontal disease that can affect directly to baby’s health.


Based on the ADA (American Dental Association) our dentists team recommend the following tips to maintain a good oral health.


Before pregnancy: keep your regular dental checkups and dental cleaning every 4 to 6 months.


During pregnancy: we recommend to postpone any elective dental procedure; advice your dentist if you are pregnant. Don’t skip dental checkups, now than ever they are important.


Equally important is that you need to advice your gynecologist that you will be going under a  dental procedure (in case is dental emergency) so they can provide with a release letter for your dentist.



 Are you looking for a special gift for your mom. Contact Advanced Smiles Dentistry at 619-488-1557 and ask for our monthly deals. Also, you can use your US dental insurance with your favorite dentist in Mexico. If you have a PPO dental insurance you can use it in Tijuana and have a percentage reimbursed for what you have paid.