Smile/grin/beam from ear to ear

​to be smiling, etc. a lot because you are very pleased about something.


Accordingly with Oxford Dictionary people smile to express positive emotions towards other people in a specific situation.


Therefore, a smile is the best feature we can share with the world.  However, there are people not feeling comfortable smiling because of misaligned or crooked teeth, gummy smile, missing teeth, etc.


What is Emotional Dentistry?


Nowadays dentistry is not anymore just about fixing cavities, extractions or replacing missing teeth. Emotional Dentistry, most commonly known as cosmetic dentistry. Aesthetics is a powerful tool for self-confidence booster.


For example, at Advanced Smiles Dentistry, our dentists, specifically cosmetic dentist like Dr. Alejandra Ponce, DDS Jorge Manriquez and Dr Alejandra Flores job is to analyze the full face of the patient so the new smile looks natural.



Essential elements that make a smile harmonious


The best dentists have determined what people perceive or take in consideration to say a person’s smile is beautiful.


In general, we have the big factors or more visible macro aesthetics:


  • Tooth visibility, how many teeth you show while smiling.
  • Tooth shape, in relation with your age, gender and type of smile.
    ·Gum display, gingival contour.
  • Tooth position, alignment and shiftiness.


On the other hand, we have the micro aesthetics or more subtle characterizes that makes a smile look natural. For example, coloration, tooth natural fracture lines and smile anatomy:

·Smile line, upper teeth should be parallel to your lower lip when you smile.

  • Midline, an imaginary vertical line drawn between the two front teeth.
  • Buccal Corridor, dark space visible between the corners of the mouth and the upper teeth. It´s consider that smaller buccal corridor is more attractive.


Smile enhancement and digital smile design


Luckily for you the top dentists near you are fully qualify to understand the emotional weight of not being satisfied with your smile. By working with you beyond teeth Advanced Smiles Dentistry can restore not only your smile but your confidence.  


In essence Tijuana cosmetic dentists will recommend a wide variety of affordable dental treatments and techniques to correct all types of dental issues.