To achieve the perfect smile sometimes cosmetic dentistry is not enough. In the event of misalignment teeth your cosmetic dentist will recommend you first ortho treatment.


Advanced Smiles Dentistry as a multidisciplinary dental clinic can offer braces at very affordable prices compare with US dentistry. However, first you will require an evaluation with the orthodontist to know which type of braces is best for you:


Each type of dental braces is related to improve teeth alignment in a particular journey based on the needs of the patient.


Metal braces


Traditional metal braces are the most common orthodontic appliance. Wired-and-bracket braces also uses elastic bands to push teeth in the correct position.


The biggest advantage of using this type of braces is that conventional brackets can fixed almost any misalignment case. Even so, they are not famous for being aesthetic or discrete.


Sapphire Braces


This ortho brackets are the same as the traditional metal ones. However, instead of being metal color, the bracket square is clear. Clear braces can camouflage with the natural color of the teeth.


Self-ligating Brace


For example, if you are looking to finish your ortho treatment faster this type of braces might be the option for you. Since bracket square has its own sliding mechanism, there is no need to use elastic bands. Therefore, instead of visiting the dentist every month for an adjustment. By using self-ligating braces, you will reduce the visits and they can be every 2 to 4 months.


Invisible braces

Clear aligners, the most popular braces since they are almost invisible. Gain popularity by the brand Invisalign. Clear trays have a lot of advantages. For example, they are transparent, removable, allows for easier brush, requires even less appointments than self-ligating braces and can even shorten treatment period of limited cases.
Still, the patient has the responsibility to wear them 20 to 23 hours a day to have the expected results.


If you want to know what is the best ortho treatment for you schedule your appointment in Tijuana. Braces at the lowest prices compare to US. If candidate, you can even use your US dental insurance in Mexico.

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