Advanced Smiles Dentistry is a mexican dental office. Therefore, we acknowledge the importance of the concern of our potential patients about not getting treated fairly while visiting a dentist in Tijuana. 


Under those circumstances, medical tourism has multiple concerns. For example, being charge more than quoted.  Quality of the dental work. Language barrier, transportation and few other factors.


For this reason, we take pride in our bilingual patient coordinators. Our customer service department will guide you through your whole dental journey.

First, they will be in contact back in forward with you. This with the purpose of gathering all your contact information and possible dental data you might have. Our dental team will be in contact with you answering all your doubts until the day before your dental appointment.


Secondly, our dental receptionists will guide you to cross San Ysidro border an get to our dental office in Tijuana. Whether you plan to drive or cross by walking. We´ll help you get to our dental clinic.



If you are a traveling patient, we work with a 3rd party company that offers transportation from san diego airport to our clinic in Mexico.

In the case you need to take a flight to get the best dental office. For the most part, our team will coordinate your flight itinerary with the driver.



Generally speaking, most our patients come from all over the US from West coast to East coast. Dental patients that come from LA, San Diego, Las Vegas or Phoenix are and preferer to drive. They mostly like to drive back. Since we are a business district, we are surrounded by many hotels. In fact, we have deals with few hotels near our office and from different budgets.



Our dental team is fully qualified to assist you. They are speaking fluent in English which guarantees a communication and transparency in the information. Live Advanced Smiles Dentistry experience with the personalized customer service, quality dental work and affordable dental prices.